Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The sad fact of a SUPERSTAR

Maybe it's just MY superstar or shall I say every cassies' SUPERSTAR?

I followed this group since their Hug mv until their recent Supertar mv & still are their avid fan. My love has never change at all & still going strong. It's been more than 8 years since their debut & I had watched almost all of their performances, interviews etc. This is the first group that makes me so loyal & stick to them & not to mention I'm not bored at all watching them all these while.

The reason?

Firstly, is definitely due to their visual appearance. You can't deny that none of these 5 members have shaken your hearts or make you squeal seeing them. Even though you just watch them from the laptop. Each of them have their own charms & attractiveness and that's exactly what make us fans go crazy solely by looking at their face. They just stand out so much in the crowd with their godly appearance even within the celebrities. Maybe is due to their aura or what, but my eyes will always catches them first.

Secondly, their talents. One of the reason that makes us fans fell into their world deeply. Debuted as an acappela group, these 5 voices harmonize into one beautiful music. For me, Bolero, Love In The Ice, Taxi and some others are among the songs that I love so much. I personally feel that none of the idol groups out there can rival this group. I don't deny that there are some who are superb in singing. Individually, yes. But as a group, I still can't see any. Mostly now focus on their bodies, their looks & dances. Sometimes, it makes me sick looking at some of the performance. It's like selling their bodies show.

Thirdly, which I love the most is their humble personality. More than 8 years into the industry did not made these 5 guys cocky, arrogant and on top of their world. In fact, I have never heard anyone badmouthed them before. Do not count the antis, I mean people in the industry. Most people that work with them all praises them.

Coming back to the main point. The reason that I post this is to release all my feelings & frustrations which has been kept for a while.

Lately, I heard of many rookies group who look up at DBSK as their role model. Ok, fine! It's good. I'm proud to hear that. But, don't say that you will do things that DBSK has never achieved before or you want to surpass them. All these being the 2nd DBSK thingy piss me off!!!