Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Junior Sub Groups

 Super Junior KRY 

 Being amongst the most vocally powerful members of the group, Super Junior-K.R.Y consisting of Ryeowook, Khuhyun and Yesung are credited to sing R&B-style ballads
(go check out their songs. Lovely voices)

Super Junior members

 Since it's a large group, I can't introduce them one by one. So only the pictures and the name. Mianhe~

Monday, November 29, 2010

Korean Celebrities Tattoos

1.The tattoos buddies in DBSK 
Always Keep The Faith
(They are addicted to them! Soon only their face are free from tattoos.)

TVfXQ Soul

DBSK Airport Fashion

DBSK was crowned as 1st Korean artist with Best Airport Fashion by MTV K. And I agree 100%. Being the most photographed celebrities in the world, the airport is like a fashion runway for them.

make way for the GODS!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Chapter 2] Unexpected Love

*click click*

Sounds of pictures taken by a camera could be heard.

                    "Daebak! Who would guess that the man is Lee Seung Gi himself? " A man hidden behind the bush said softly.

[Chapter 1] Unexpected Love

This is my first fanfic ever. I've always wanted to write one for seunggi/gain pairing after watching Strong Heart since none has done it yet. No hard feelings to the adam couple fans.

Talented man, Yang Seung Ho

The charms that appeal to me...


MBLAQ profiles

MBLAQ, the chic-dol is a group produced by Rain. All the members have Type A blood type.

~Down the Memory Lane~ [Part 1]

Let us reminisce back to the 'dong bang' era. Miss them like crazy! Check out this amazing group.

Rising Sun

The first music video that makes me become a fan and introduced me to the Kpop world.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Reasons for loving our Adam Couple

I have been addicted to this couple since the beginning of We Got Married Season 2. Both are my favourite members from the 2 groups, 2AM and Brown Eyed Girls. Together they are hilarious and funny, filling up my day each weekend with their sweetness and bickering.
There are reasons why the Adam Couple receive so much love as one of the top couple in Korea.
  1. Both are cute  ^ ^

Adam Couple Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos in Bali <3

attempt kiss 1

attempt kiss 2

DBSK profiles

The 1st group that introduce me to korean wave~ Dong Bang Shin Ki...

Favourite Couples

hwangbo <3 hyunjoong

Both played the make-believe couple in variety show We Got Married season 1, with the noona dongsaeng role.

Hwangbo: ex-Chakra leader, a singer, MC and member of Compassion band.

Hyunjoong: leader of SS501 boy band, 6 years younger

jokwon <3 gain

A make-believe couple from We Got Married season 2. Many are speculating that they are dating in real life.

Son Ga In: youngest of girl group, Brown Eyed Girl (the chic maknae)

Jo Kwon: leader of ballad boy group, 2AM, 2 years younger (aka khap kwon)

Third Love

My new found love~ just got to know the group recently, B2st!
This time, it's not the leader that attract me, but the charisma rapper: Yong Jun Hyung!!!

Looks a little bit like G-Dragon, right? He has a cold appearance and an unique voice, kinda husky type. But his actually shy and quite dorky. I love the fact that he sometimes bully the members. hehehe.
His singing is not bad, considering that he's from Xing group last time. His image in the group is totally different from in B2st. I got quite a shock when i searched for it.

Second Love

I'm too greedy, ain't I? Kekeke...introducing u to MBLAQ leader, Yang Seung Ho!!!

those luscious lips~ sexy.... ^ ^
this guy is one hell of a talented man; beat boxing, b-boy, singing, piano etc...

  • an electronic lover (according to members, he is a repair worker in their dorm)
  • loves to glare at his members (his charisma stare is just...)
  • a competitive guy
MBLAQ is a rookie group, only debuted a year ago but has grabbed my heart fairly fast...

My Hubby

Yo, yo! Time to introduce the most important people to you guys. <3

My very first 'love'.... U-Know Jung Yun Ho!!!

Totally my ideal type---> leader of top boyband, DBSK; one of the best dancer; dorky; cute; manly; a perfect guy
(p.s: did i set my standard too high? poor my future bf  T T)

Been addicted to him for 5 years and it's still growing each day.

My own world~

Decided to create a place for me to vent out my feelings and thoughts. Also to share with others my favourite korean groups. I admit, I've been crazy about them for 5 years and it's not stopping any soon. :)