Sunday, November 28, 2010

MBLAQ profiles

MBLAQ, the chic-dol is a group produced by Rain. All the members have Type A blood type.

A little summary of the members:

Leader, Yang Seung Ho 

  • class president since elementary school till high school
  • school president in elementary school
  • graduated from the same high school as Rain, Ahnyang High School
  • nicknamed Yang Chopin (amazing piano skills) & UmChinAh (a person who works hard in school, studies well, and makes his parents proud)
  • always teased for his yakuza body (which I'm totally fine with. It's cute)
  • specialities are gymnastics, dancing, piano, card tricks
  • a charisma leader, with calm and mysterious aura
  • always unhealthy and not so good body condition, nicknamed grandpa
Main vocal, Jung Byung Hee 

  • stage name: GO
  • former member of Korean group, Tykeys
  • debut with a moustache as his trademark becoming hair-dol
  • specialities are singing and dancing
Vocal & Dance, Lee Chang Sun

  • stage name: Lee Joon
  • act as little Rain in the movie Ninja Asassin
  • specialities are modern dancing, ballet, acting
  • one of the rising variety-dol
  • the busies member of the group
  • teased by the members for being dirty and not showering often
Dance & Rap, Park Sang Hyun

  • stage name: Cheondong (Thunder)
  • younger brother of 2NE1 Sandara Park
  • specialities is languages such as English and Tagalog since the family live at Philippines before
  • easily misunderstood as the youngest due to his baby face
Rapper, Bang Chul Yong

  • stage name: Mir
  • younger brother of actress Go Eun Ah
  • visual leader of the group
  • teased due to his 'old' looks
  • a hyperactive kid especially in variety shows

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