Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Chapter 1] Unexpected Love

This is my first fanfic ever. I've always wanted to write one for seunggi/gain pairing after watching Strong Heart since none has done it yet. No hard feelings to the adam couple fans.

Brown Eyed Girls just finished their performance at one of the music broadcast and were heading back to the dorm. Ga In checked her phone to see if there were any messages or missed calls. There were 2 missed calls and 1 messages written "Call me after your performance <3" from the same person. Ga In smiled. She quickly dialled the number.
Is he having schedule now? Will he pick up?

                    " Hi, babe."

                    " You picked up pretty fast. I thought you are busy and will not be able to answer my call."

                    " I'm taking a break now from my recording. If I don't answer, my princess will be upset with me." Ga In laughed, earning sharp glare from her members.

                    " You are going back now? " he continued.

                    " Ya, I'm so tired. I think I'll sleep straight away." Ga In started whining to him.

                    " I miss you. It had been a week since we last met. "

Ga In sensed her surrounding. Her members were giving her the hawk eyes. " You're talking to your lover boy again? How many times must you guys talk in a day?" a frustrated Jea asked. " No need to show off in front of us. I'm going to vomit soon if you guys continue your mushy talk," added Narsha. Miryo just stared at their maknae.

Ga In ignored her unnies. They were behaving like this almost every time she talked on the phone. However, she lowered down her voice just in case to avoid scolding from them.

                    " Miss you too. Both our schedule are too packed. We don't even have enough time to sleep." Ga In whispered.

                    " Shall we meet tonight? I will finish around 1.30am."

                    " You sure? Won't you be too tired?" Ga In asked, concerned about him.

                    " Nah, it's okay. We will just take a walk around the area. I just want to see you."

                    " Hmmm...ok then."

Ga In also missed him a lot and wanted to see him. They seldom meet up due to their busy schedules. They couldn't even go to the cinemas and shopped like normal couples did. At most, they just walk around the apartments area or go to their friend's cafe to have a drink. Ga In knew that this is the consequences of being a celebrity, thus she has no complain. Furthermore, both of them are famous figures and they couldn't afford to put their careers at stake.

                    " Ya, hang up!" Jea shouted from the back, unable to watch the couple any longer. Her jealousy was reaching the limit.

If only the fans can see how the chic girl who performed sexily on stage with charisma was giggling like a small girl with her face blushing, they would be in total disbelief.

                    " Annyeong haseyo, noona! Long time no see."

Ga In put the phone on speaker mode so that he can greet her members, who were at boiling point. Aisshh, I will have to suffer again later.
                    " You still need to see us? Ga Innie is enough." Narsha chirped in.

                    " Ya, stop talking anymore. It's irritating. Ga In's smile has already stretched to her ears." Jea said, looking at Ga In who had been smiling like a fool since just now.

                    " Unnie!" Ga In shouted, embarassed.

                    " Ok, noona! I shall go now. Treat you samgyupsal next time."

                    " Call!!! " Jea screamed after hearing her favourite food. Her expression brightened up immediately.

                    " Take care of Ga In for me," he continued, unwilling to hang up. He wanted to talk to Ga In for a little bit longer.

                    " JUST GO!!!! We're not eating your girlfriend up. " Miryo spoke at last, losing her patience.

                    " One more time of you guys being like this and you're dead, Seung Gi." Narsha threatened the young man. " Our magnae has changed much since she met you."

                    " Ok ok. See you tonight, babe. Love you." He quickly said, sensing the rising temperature of  the scary noonas.

                    " Love you too."
Ga In closed the phone and looked at her members.

                    " You guy are so unbelievable. Act your age, please."

                    " What! You have to take care of this boyfriend-less unnies too." Narsha said.

                    " You got Sangchu oppa. He's been waiting for so long. Give him a chance." Ga In teased her.

                    " You wanna die? He's not my style,ok?"

And they engaged in a pillow fight all along the way back.

So what you guys think? Is it ok? Forgive my first time writing, so it may seems awkward. Will be updating Chapter 2 soon. Your comments are much appreciated. Thanks! ^ ^



  1. Nice fanfic. Keep on writing. It's such a refreshing scene to be writing about Ga-in with other "potential" partners. ^^


  2. hahaha interesting.. cant believe u actually indulge into fanfic..hahahha u shud write guy and guy hahaha love btwn members..ooooooooooo hahah

  3. thanks for the comment, bookshelf of thoughts. Appreciated it. ^ ^

  4. siok, just write for fun onli. Unleash my imaginations. kekeke Guy & guy story, i not expert yet. But will definitely write about them some day. ^ ^

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  6. so bad, y onli discriminate against hero? it's been so long, & u still don't like him? kekeke