Sunday, November 28, 2010

~Down the Memory Lane~ [Part 1]

Let us reminisce back to the 'dong bang' era. Miss them like crazy! Check out this amazing group.

Rising Sun

The first music video that makes me become a fan and introduced me to the Kpop world.

O Jung Ban Hap

Their weird hairstyle which I still couldn't accept. Keke

Purple Line

My Yunho oppa!! *faint*

Wrong Number

Sexy men in suits <3



This is my FAVOURITE!!!



~And one of the few ballad songs which I fell in love with.

Why Did I Fall In Love With You

That's the question I've been asking myself too. ^ ^

Loving You

Kyahhhh!!!! Amazing voices...

Forever Love

Junsu's voice... *melt*

Stand By You

A sad sad song..

Toki Wo Tomete

Jaejoong wrote the lyrics!!!


The amazing harmony. I cried each time hearing this song. T T

I sound totally like a fangirl. That's true! Proudly admit it. haha.
Until now, I still can't find other group that can replace them in my heart. 
Singing, Dancing, Looks and Personality...they have it all!!! <3

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