Friday, November 26, 2010

Reasons for loving our Adam Couple

I have been addicted to this couple since the beginning of We Got Married Season 2. Both are my favourite members from the 2 groups, 2AM and Brown Eyed Girls. Together they are hilarious and funny, filling up my day each weekend with their sweetness and bickering.
There are reasons why the Adam Couple receive so much love as one of the top couple in Korea.
  1. Both are cute  ^ ^

      2. Pretty & sexy vs manly & handsome 


      3. Together, they are lovely and adorable.




     4. Their cute jealousy

At Star King show, when a guy serenade Ga In , Jo Kwon showed an unpleasant face and tried to block his wife from the guy.
 Jealous Jo Kwon

In Ga In's minihompy, she posted pictures of her wearing bikini during her vacation. In response, Jo Kwon uploads pictures of him semi-nude as a revenge. You can find their arguments by searching it online (good luck with that)

At the Star King program, Ga In surprised everyone by grabbing Jokwon's avatar and kiss it when the fake Ga In sings to him.

Jealous Gain
      5.  Jo Kwon is caring of Gain 

As an encouragement for Gain during her first solo performance... Jo Kwon gave Gain the thing she have been waiting for so long, a big diamond ring. Though it's not real and the couple already has their own couple ring, it's a sweet gesture for Jo Kwon to encourage and support his wife.

Also, Gain's dream come true when she won 1st place at Inkigayo (the music program which Jo Kwon mc)
Jo Kwon fake cry as Gain wished. 
I love that Jo Kwon did everything to make Gain happy when she is touched by her win.
Gain was very upset and disappointed when she did not win 1st before this. 
Therefore, even though Jo Kwon promised to give Gain the Marc Jacob bag which Gain like if she won, he still gave her to cheer her up and encourage her.  (what a sweet and romantic guy ^ ^)

They have brought their relationship 1 step further outside of the tv reality show, making everyone curious whether they are real lovers. Personally, I believe they are. I wish them all the luck and waiting for their public announcement... :)

 p.s: i recommend you guys to watch their We Got Married and be addicted like me ^ ^
       ~can find the videos at or
       Enjoy urself!!!

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