Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Chapter 2] Unexpected Love

*click click*

Sounds of pictures taken by a camera could be heard.

                    "Daebak! Who would guess that the man is Lee Seung Gi himself? " A man hidden behind the bush said softly.

He had been hearing rumours circulating around the entertainment circle that Son Ga In is dating with other celebrity and not her make-believe husband, Jo Kwon. Everyone was curious of this man's identity but unfortunately could not dig out any further information from those people as not many people knew about this. Even those that knew were tight-lipped and the reporters couldn't ask in a direct and straight forward way. It was a matter of pride for the reporters to confirm the speculation and find out the exclusive news first.

Therefore, he had camped outside of Brown Eyed Girl's dorm for a few days and nearly gave up tonight until he caught Seung Gi waiting there. The curiosity got the better of him and he stayed to see if he can get anything. Maybe it's not Ga In but other people was the first thought that came to his mind. It would still be a highlighted news.  

He couldn't believed his eyes when he saw Ga In coming out and hugged Seung Gi. The couple then linked arms and strolled at the park nearby. They looked so happy and blissful, not realising his presence at all. The identity of the mysterious man had finally been solved. He took a few more pictures as evidences.

                     " The show is really just a show. Everyone had been fooled." He whispered referring to the We Got Married variety show which had been a hot topic lately. Even he, himself believed that Jo Kwon and Ga In were dating based on their intimate relationship on and off the screen.

                     " I wonder if the president know about this? I should confront him with this photos and see what   will he do." He said walking away, leaving the couple alone. He had no idea that he would accomplished his mission so fast. Luck was on his side.

And inside the park, the couple was sitting on a bench chatting about their day and their upcoming activities. Happiness were evident in both faces.

                    " We will not be seeing each other for the next few days again." Seung Gi sighed.
                    " At least, we talked on the phone everyday." Ga In held his hand, trying to cheer him up. They must understand the situation they were in, where they couldn't meet any time and anywhere they wanted.

                    Seunggi smiled and ruffled Ga In's hair. " Speaking of that, did the noonas give you a hard time just now? I will talk to them some day soon."

                    " Chet! As if you dare. You couldn't even squeak in front of them and you want to lecture them?" Ga In teased. Her members were intimidating, almost to everyone. Thus, most younger than them or their hoobaes were scared of them and also Ga In. She already had been regarded as same age with her unnies anyway.

                     " For you, I will try to talk to them." Seung Gi replied with a serious face.

                     " Nicely." He emphasized later on.

                     " Ok, I'll be waiting till the day come." Ga In joked.

She did not really mind since she was very familiar with her unnies immature behaviours. They had been together for 5 years and she knew they were just playing around. Furthermore, they had been like this since the day she went out with Seung Gi. She already adapted to it.

                     " Don't care about them. Have to understand that I'm the only one with boyfriend in the group. I'm the youngest too. Of course, their feelings are hurt." Ga In smiled.

                     " You are proud of yourself, eh?"

While they were bickering back and forth, Ga In suddenly received a phone call from her president. She was surprised since her president rarely call her at this time of the hour. It was already 2.15 am. Sensing something bad, Ga In hesitated to answer her call. What is this about?

                     " Yes, sajangnim." She answered in a soft voice.


Is it dragging? I hope it's not too boring. Will try to improve on my next chapter.

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