Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Uni Life~

My blog has been filled with K-pop thingy, got complaints from my friends to add in some of my life too. ^ ^
I decided to start with my 'beloved' university.
I'm in Semester 4 now. *sigh* how time flies.....
The previous semester's pics are all gone in my stolen lappie~ *sob sob*

~Let's start with my PRECIOUS diary book. It's my daily ENERGIZER~

I admit, I'm not a good student.
I sleep in class,
I listen to music,
I laugh & joke around,
I skip class if possible, (nicknamed Ponteng Queen)
I'm a BAD BAD student.


I enjoyed this type of uni life,
It's fun & exciting.
 It's called FREEDOM! =)

My First Step

Unexpectedly, I took my first step & joined the CNY nite performance. 
I've always had stage-phobia since small.
Thus, I don't know what came to my mind when I decided to join the performance.
It's nerve wrecking~
I still got shaky legs & thumping heartbeats,
but I'm so PROUD of myself....hahaha

Friday, January 7, 2011

Adam Couple Bobo

All kkapliners/ adam fans rejoiced last week & jumped in joy :)
There have been so many spazzes in the soompi forum.
I'm just a silent reader, but I'm so happy for the fans & the couple.
It's a memorable day for everyone.
Jokwon is the MAN!!!

The GODS are BACK!!!

Check this out!!!

Amazing stage,
Powerful performance.
Indeed impressive.

~our model twins ^ ^~

~sexy Beast <3~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

~JYJ KBS Drama Awards~

It's SUPERB!!!
Lovely Performance from the boys` <3

credit: chouchihching

Thank you, KBS for giving JYJ a chance,
Finally the moment that fans have all been waiting for, 
It's been long since we saw them on korean broadcast,
Got all teary-eyed looking at them sing,
Yoochun's bright smile is to die for, ^ ^