Friday, January 7, 2011

The GODS are BACK!!!

Check this out!!!

Amazing stage,
Powerful performance.
Indeed impressive.

~our model twins ^ ^~

~sexy Beast <3~

credit: BigBangSHINeeWorld7

Yunho's vocal has improved so much.
Changmin's vocal is still as strong as ever.
Cassies has been waiting for so long & they have been rewarded by the explosive performance.
I'm totally IMPRESSED. =)

Those that doubt their skill & talent about these two should shut up and watch these.
They indeed live up to DBSK's name.
They are not GODS of the EAST for nothing!

Now is a tough time, not only for HoMin but also the other 3.
Let's not fight among ourselves,
but give our supports to all 5 of them no matter what. ^ - ^

DBSK is a legend!!!

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