Friday, January 7, 2011

Adam Couple Bobo

All kkapliners/ adam fans rejoiced last week & jumped in joy :)
There have been so many spazzes in the soompi forum.
I'm just a silent reader, but I'm so happy for the fans & the couple.
It's a memorable day for everyone.
Jokwon is the MAN!!!
Let's take a look back on the journey of this couple.

How much they have grown up from a simple friendship to an ambiguous relationship. <3

*the failed attempt of kiss*
*1st avatar kiss from kwonnie*
*the infamous chocolate kiss at Hong Kong*
*Ga In's initiate the first kiss*

*2nd avatar kiss from Ga In*
*3rd avatar kiss*

And finally...
the sweet skinships that lead to

*love serenade from uri kwonnie*
*the chic wife cried*
*sly kwoonie turns his head at the last minute*

Ga In finally got her wish.
She has been hoping that Jo Kwon will bravely give her surprise kiss.
Jo Kwon also got his wish.
He has been hoping that Ga In will cry for the events that he had done.
Both of them are truly a LOVABLE couple.

If these two are not REAL,
then they can win the Oscar awards.

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