Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Uni Life~

My blog has been filled with K-pop thingy, got complaints from my friends to add in some of my life too. ^ ^
I decided to start with my 'beloved' university.
I'm in Semester 4 now. *sigh* how time flies.....
The previous semester's pics are all gone in my stolen lappie~ *sob sob*

~Let's start with my PRECIOUS diary book. It's my daily ENERGIZER~

I admit, I'm not a good student.
I sleep in class,
I listen to music,
I laugh & joke around,
I skip class if possible, (nicknamed Ponteng Queen)
I'm a BAD BAD student.


I enjoyed this type of uni life,
It's fun & exciting.
 It's called FREEDOM! =)

                 pretending to be hardworking...kekeke

This is just the little teaser for everyone!
Many more pics to come~
With my Cr@zy group silly antics & poses... (look at the name & u know wat to expect)
You guys can anticipate them... =)

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