Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The sad fact of a SUPERSTAR

Maybe it's just MY superstar or shall I say every cassies' SUPERSTAR?

I followed this group since their Hug mv until their recent Supertar mv & still are their avid fan. My love has never change at all & still going strong. It's been more than 8 years since their debut & I had watched almost all of their performances, interviews etc. This is the first group that makes me so loyal & stick to them & not to mention I'm not bored at all watching them all these while.

The reason?

Firstly, is definitely due to their visual appearance. You can't deny that none of these 5 members have shaken your hearts or make you squeal seeing them. Even though you just watch them from the laptop. Each of them have their own charms & attractiveness and that's exactly what make us fans go crazy solely by looking at their face. They just stand out so much in the crowd with their godly appearance even within the celebrities. Maybe is due to their aura or what, but my eyes will always catches them first.

Secondly, their talents. One of the reason that makes us fans fell into their world deeply. Debuted as an acappela group, these 5 voices harmonize into one beautiful music. For me, Bolero, Love In The Ice, Taxi and some others are among the songs that I love so much. I personally feel that none of the idol groups out there can rival this group. I don't deny that there are some who are superb in singing. Individually, yes. But as a group, I still can't see any. Mostly now focus on their bodies, their looks & dances. Sometimes, it makes me sick looking at some of the performance. It's like selling their bodies show.

Thirdly, which I love the most is their humble personality. More than 8 years into the industry did not made these 5 guys cocky, arrogant and on top of their world. In fact, I have never heard anyone badmouthed them before. Do not count the antis, I mean people in the industry. Most people that work with them all praises them.

Coming back to the main point. The reason that I post this is to release all my feelings & frustrations which has been kept for a while.

Lately, I heard of many rookies group who look up at DBSK as their role model. Ok, fine! It's good. I'm proud to hear that. But, don't say that you will do things that DBSK has never achieved before or you want to surpass them. All these being the 2nd DBSK thingy piss me off!!!

You wanna outdone DBSK? Fine. First, what all of you should do is pack up your things, leave your top star Korea status, go to Japan and live there for a few years. Do performances at the staircase, small hall with only a few hundred people, learn some Japanese and literally live like a Japanese. Because that's what DBSK did!!!! They won the top award in Korea and the next day, flew to Japan to perform at a small stage. They start of from the bottom in Japan with literally nothing!! Not like some groups who follow the Hallyu Wave and just enjoy yourself. You think going to Japan to do promotions for a while, have some concert or fanmeeting means you're successful? Did you see any translator together with DBSK when they attend any shows at Japan? I'm literally piss off when some did not even sincerely perform. Flashing your abs a few times does not guarantee your group's success, you know?

DBSK release their own albums in Japan and not just release a Japan version of their Korean songs. They took almost a few years to reach their top status and being recognized as J-pop artist. Hell, even some of my friends mistook them as Japanese when they first saw DBSK. That is what we call endurance, determination and perseverance. I do not deny that the idol groups are hardworking and working towards your dreams. Yeah, well done. What I mean is double & triple your hard works!!!! Complaining about home sick and your suffering when DBSK nearly lose their mind staying at Japan all those years. All you did is just going back and forth from Korea to Japan. Did you hear DBSK complaining at all? They only mentioned of those hard days when they had succeeded in Japan.

And also try putting your name in the Guinness World Record before sprouting out all these words. Increase your fanclub members to over 700,000 members and be photographed more than 500 millions times. Do not be proud just because a few thousand fans follow you around or you've done concerts in some known places. Do not think you're all that just because you're getting more popular. You're not one in the million.

Some idols really make me sick looking at their proud & smug face when in fact they are not th~at good in singing nor dancing. Just the good looks & nice body. Some are not even that handsome. If you only rely on your looks & body, go be a model. Don't call yourself a singer. Listening to some of the MR videos really hurt my ears. Not that I want to talk badly of them, but it's the truth. People nowadays are not stupid. They know how to appreciate real talent. Not only DBSK, I realise that even some singer who are incredibly good in singing are not well known enough and very much underrated. The meaning of the word "idol" has been so far fetched & out of the truth. I prefer to call DBSK as a real artiste.

Another thing I'm superbly and terribly piss off is when most groups did not recognize DBSK's efforts. Hello? Do you think you'll have such an easy way to succeed if they do not pave the way for you? You look at it as such an easy thing to do and your popularity is all because of your hard works. I'm sure you'll go back home crying if you're in DBSK's shoes. Would it waste your saliva or lose you some money to acknowledge what they have done for their juniors? PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT & NOT ACT LIKE SOME IGNORANT FOOLS!!!!

Junsu especially has been recognized as the top singer for several years. You wanna outshine them? Have a go with Junsu then. Just because everything is given to you easily, do not take them for granted. Reflect on yourself. And also, just because you're good in singing or dancing do not put your nose in the air for so long. It is not everything. Good personality will bring you far. Did you hear of DBSK talking of wanting to overcome HOT. They respect them & acknowledge their senior. And being the humble person they are, they feel that HOT is too great for them. This is the attitude that should be done, newbies!!! I tell you once DBSK reunite & is active again, all of you will only have to bow your head down in shame.

I do not fully blame all these groups for some of it comes from the media. I'm sadden by the fact that they did not support their own people. What have DBSK done for you guys to just put it aside & treat them like trash. Use them whenever you like & do whatever you want. THEY MAKE YOUR COUNTRY KNOWN IDIOTS!!!! For heaven's sakeDo not look down on their status & power. Just because DBSK is so nice and do not say anything, you just step on their heads. If they want to ask for some justice, I can't imagine the outcome. And just because Cassiopeias has tone down a little bit, you do not care at all. Don't forget that this fanclub is still one of the biggest fanclubs. The fans can chase you down & make you cry out your pants if they want. They just do not want DBSK to be upset knowing that these kind-hearted guys will not want their fans to act this way.

And please, I beg you, please do not overhype the other idol groups. What's so great about achieving Top 10 in the Oricon chart? What's so great about doing concert in some place? And what's so great about selling a few thousand copies of albums? DBSK sold out their concert in a few minutes. They are the first foreign artist to achieve most NO.1 in the Oricon chart. They are the first Korean artist to do performance in Tokyo Dome. And many other achievements that I have yet to list out. But did the Korea media report them? No. They just close their eyes & ears and just report on some bullshit news. Are you freaking blind or what?!!!! They did not commit any crime or anything. I just don't understand at all.

Korean people are not treated well in their own country. What an embarrassment! International fans who have been observing the situations for so long all wishes for DBSK to immigrate to where people really APPRECIATE them. It'll be a celebration for us.

Hearing of JYJ's recent news really saddens me. What have the 3 guys done for them to deserve something like that? I hope the laws will do something about this. Isn't this a violation of rights? 

A superstar's life is indeed hard & tough. What's more with all the nonsensical & absurb obstacles and mountains that you have to cross to reach your dream. DBSK, you earned my respect!!! Do not give up. I fully believe in Karma. All those people who have treated you guys badly will not be blessed. AKTF!!! I'll wait till the days the 5 of you reunite again! Show these people what you've got.

And last word to the people who hurt my idol, back off!!! If you have some morality in you, you'll not continue doing these. Leave them in peace. They do not deserve all these at all. Do not test our patiences. Seriously.

p.s: This is my longest post ever. My words might sound harsh & biased. But all these is just a personal feeling coming from a fan. It's just so unfair to watch them suffer like that when all they want is just to stand on stage & sing.  I do not direct to any particular group, just in general. DBSK is the one who brought me into Kpop fandom & I do not wish to critisize & think badly of the industry. I hope the situations will improve for these 5 guys. GODS of THE EAST will rise again one day. =D

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