Friday, June 17, 2011

I love multi-talented man!!!!

Have I told you just how much I find a talented guy attractive? It's all this aura that they have, the confidence that they're good at something.
And once more, my Yang chopin is full of <3!!!!
I just can't seem to get enough of this man. 
He is driving me crazy. (in a good way lol)

Watching Sesame Player ( I seriously recommend this show to everyone. U'll laugh till ur stomach burst!), I found myself addicted to Seunghoism. He's just full of CHARMS!!!! No words can describe this 25 year old, A-blood type man. And NO! I'm not betraying Yunho. He's my first man!!!! kya kya kya....

I'm glad that Seungho is showing his true self day by day. Not that I do not like his previous image, but he seems more attractive & adorable nowadays with his aegyo. What happened to his " No, I do not know how to act cute"? I think he acts better than his members. And somehow, I freaking love his loud grandpa laughter. ^ ^

I found out that most fans fall with Joon at the first place and slowly shift to Seungho later. I've set my eyes on leader-nim from debut & unable to escape since then. (he's a dangerous man) I think it'll take a lot of time for me to explain about this mysterious young man. I can't exactly tell why I like him so much. He's just so different from other idol that I've seen in this new generation. I find it interesting to find little by little about this man, all the fun facts and everything.  

I love both the perfect 
                         charisma Seungho & also the cute lovable Seungho!!!

I can't wait for any other hidden talent that our leader has not shown us. I've got a feeling that I'll like this guy for a loo~ng time. I'm anticipating more of him in future. Yunho better be active otherwise, no guarantee of ur place. ( not that he care anyway, hehe)

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