Thursday, June 16, 2011

Immortal Songs

I've heard of this programme long ago but had no interest in watching any of it as I thought it is just another typical show for the idols to showcase themselves. (idol has been overload nowadays & it's getting boring)

Today, I accidentally chanced upon a vid of Yesung singing and I was so mesmerized with the voice. 

I have always feel that Yesung shine the most when he sings. He just put so much feeling into the song. The main vocal of SUJU!!! Jjang~ =D

Like most of the audience, I nearly shed tears listening to this song. Yoseobie is sooo into the song~

I still can't believe that Yoseob is one of the eldest in Beast! I've known earlier that he is not the maknae of the group, but still....his appearance & personality just scream MAKNAE!!!! such a cutie pie.... <3

Jonghyun is not my bias in Shinee but I gotta admit that the feeling is so powerful in this song & the melody is damn addictive. He's got a good vocal but not one of the best. Sometimes I think that he is too overrated. Maybe it's just my taste.

I prefer my Onew Dubu's voice and hope that one day he can go on this show and compete too. <3

Watching these vids, I somehow imagine Junsu singing on the stage and compete with all these contestants. I'm sure he will without any doubt win this with his oh so soulful voice. (again, my bias. Nothing ever beat DBSK, what more with the boy who achieve the top spot in every single freaking poll regarding singing) 

p.s: I'm glad this programme exist to show that not all idols are just pretty face. This will make people to change their stereotype of idols.

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