Monday, December 6, 2010

Cute & Dorky Jun Hyung oppa~

On stage, he is the cool rapper with charisma.
(the bad boy style)

Off stage, he is just like a boy next door. 
(a hot and handsome one)


Check out the videos below!!!

credited to the respective video owners.

his voice is hot!!!

his stuttering...keke

And both my favourite guys!!! Jun Hyung looks like a little boy next to Seungho...

for those that doesn't know, Seungho is his school senior.
That explains the respect and nervousness Junhyung have.

p.s: I seriously love his personality; kinda hot-tempered and impatient. 
      A totally bad boy. Keke....
      But he is actually innocent, naive and kinda soft-hearted.
      Dunno how to explain clearly la... :)
      Conclusion is:
      The more you see him, the more you will fell deeper into him.
      So, BEWARE!!!

Recommended 'B2st Almighty' for everyone to see!!! That's where I get to know B2st and fell in love with them...

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