Monday, December 27, 2010

DBSK 7th Anniversary

Time flies fast. It's been 7 years since debut. 
This means that I've been a CASSIE for almost 6 years? 
Remember back in the days when I first saw them in the Rising Sun & Hug mvs.
It's love at first sight. kekeke ^ ^
Since then, I've been loyally supporting them from afar. (more precisely, in front of my lappie)
I've never been so obsessed with a boy band before.
DBSK is definitely one of a kind.
It's not only that they're good looking & talented,
it's the perseverances, politeness & determinations that grabbed my heart.
They remains humble despite their status as the TOP star.
I think it's the main reason why they receive so much love & 
still maintain their status despite so many idol groups coming out these days.
They are the SPECIAL one! <3

It's sad that only 2 members remains this year.
However, I believe one day they will reunite back. 
Cassies all around have been giving their never ending love & support to DBSK.
I hope it remains the same as we will be the pillar of strength for our boys.
No more fighting within each other with JYJ or Homin.
It's the same.
They are still DBSK!!!
DBSK + Cassiopeia = 1

The best fandom in the world!!!

Red ocean, the most beautiful!

Forever no. 1

 No matter how I look,
It's undeniable that Cassiopeia is the best fan club. (no offence to others)
The way they support the boys is touching & moving.
All those charity works....the BEST.
Not many will continue their support like we do especially during these tough moment.
It's the trust that still keeps us together.
Though some may say that we are unreasonable & immature,
It's the way we show our love. 

I promise to continue waiting & i have no intention of breaking it.
So do most of the cassies I believe.
We will never give up on the boys.
Until miracle happened & they stand on the stage once again together.
It will be a BIG BIG gift for us, red oceans~

*looking forward to 8th anniversary*

p.s: i feel like writing an essay or poem. ^ ^ ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH, guys!!!

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