Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~Down the Memory Lane~ [Part 2]

Recap of some DBSK live performances which I repeat again and again~

MKMF 2008

~juz amazing~

Golden Disk Award 2008


Ontama Carnival 2009 (Bolero)

~one of their best ballad songs~

Rising Sun

~changmin's scream is unbelievable!~

Don't Say Goodbye

~the emotions they put in....~

Why Did I Fall In Love With You


~never got tired of watching this~

Tokyo Dome (Love In The Ice)

Purple Line

~one thing i hate, the green laser~

Forever Love

~junsu's voice is heavenly~


Lovin You

Stand By U

Holding Back The Tears

5 heavenly voices....
What more can I say...
No other words can describe them perfectly...
They totally live up to their names, Gods of The East...
~And that's the reason, we cassiopeians are willing to wait for them till the day
 them come back together~
Always Keep The Faith!!!

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