Friday, December 17, 2010

Memories of Bali

My, second kpop drama that i watched & fell in love with. 

For those that hasn't watched, heavily recommended. 
For those that watched before, let's watch again together for memory sake. :)
I think no matter how many times i watched, i still won't be bored with the drama.

HOT COUPLE, Ha Ji Won & Jo In Sung.

Both my favourite actress & actor.
Influences me into world of kpop dramas & movies.
Still remember back in the days when me & my friend argued about both the leading actors; which one is more handsome, more 'suai' and talked about the other's weaknesses. kekeke
Till now, I still think Jo In Sung is better than So Ji Sup. Sorry....
He's freaking cute & hot! ^ ^

enjoy the OST guys~

credit: ashishi84

credit: arbancok
One of the best kpop drama!!!
1 thing I dun like is the ending...
Sad... T T

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