Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Onew Dubu

Name: Lee Jin Ki
Position: Leader & Lead Vocal
Birthday: 14 December 1989
Famous for his bright smile (I love it too!) & Onew Sangtae condition (to be shown in the end)
Is a chicken maniac (me too!!!)

He is like a small boy with his baby face. Doesn't look like the eldest of the group at all. In fact, he has been keeping his smiling face and bubbly self wherever he goes.
But, he is HOT as hell when he is serious.



And boy can he sings with his sweet sugary voice.
Some of the many songs he sang...

credit to: iEpixFail3

credit to: annfabreag

credit to: MelaDu9
Beautiful isn't it? His voice is heavenly.
Actually, I prefer his to Jonghyun though Jonghyun's voice is good too.

Now, it's time to introduce to his famous Onew Sangtae which I first fell in love with.
His unique charm that no others have...

credit to: Randy19977
One moment he is singing, then his mic dropped and the next thing we see is his leg flying up in the sky.
He has the most accident on stage among the members.
Please take care of yourself, oppa.
Don't want to see any injury.

credit to: ikeelyuuuuxD
I seriously LOL when I saw this. How in the world can a person be this clumsy?

credit to: twilightprincess015
Aigoo, oppa. How can u walk without looking what's in front of u?

And he has all sorts of weird talents...

credit to: rindindon1

credit to: princeoftennislovers

credit to: thefantasticelastic

The dorky Onew...

credit to:v10529 

Seriously, one unique kind of leader.
I wonder how can he take care of his members when he himself is always injured?
His members have to take care of their leader instead. kekeke
He defines the word hot, cute, pretty, dorky, funny and talented.

for your voice, 
for your smile,
for your clumsiness,
for your everything.

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