Monday, December 6, 2010

My StYLe

Let me take a rest from posting all the pictures and videos.
Wanna rant about my personal ideal guy....kekeke

Seung Ho
  • Firstly, talent. It is an absolutely must have quality. I think a talented guy is extremely attractive. (most girls will agree with this, don't they?) Talent in terms of dancing and singing are the best besides than sports or others. The more talent, the more attractive he is.       
  • Between dancing and singing, I actually prefer a dancer more especially those b-boys or hip hop dancers. Singing will be a bonus point. (the reason why Yunho is my top bias. He's freaking sexy)
  • I love charisma men, with leadership. That's why nearly all the leaders in the boy bands are my favourites. eg. Yunho, Leeteuk, G-Dragon, Jaebum (ex leader), Onew, Jo Kwon, Seungho etc. I like guys who can control their members. It's sexy to look at. Like Seungho with his glaring or yunho with his words.
  • Charisma is important. But I also have a soft spot for funny men. Humour is an extra extra bonus point. All the dorky, cute and funny sides that are unusually seen. (except Onew, which is mostly seen with his onew sangtae condition)
  • I like guys who have two sides. Like being serious and charismatic when doing work, but funny and casual to be with around when off work.
  • Caring guys touched my heart too. For example, yunho who is like a father in the group, taking care of his members or onew. Though onew is not the typical charisma and serious leader, he put his members' interests before him. (which is why he is easily bullied in the group T T)
  • Guys who follow the fashion trend blindly is a BIG no no. I like guys who look good only in t-shirt and jeans. 

There's more but I can't list them all out. Is the standards too high? I think it's only the basic that most guys need to have.
Uknow Yunho and Yang Seung Ho is the perfect example.
To conclude: Talent, Leadership, Humour, Filial and Stylist.

Guys out there, please take note!!! ^ ^

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