Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lee Hyo Ri

~Watch this!~

She debuted as leader of girl group, Finkl with a young and angelic image. 

The group disbanded and she came out as a solo artist. Her image changed to the sexy concept. 
Her charisma on stage is amazing. Her performances are awesome each time. 

I love her because this women has many sides. She's not the typical cute and pretty girl celebrity, but she often shows her real personality on show. 
She aged beautifully and gracefully. She's already 31 years old but she can still compete and win any other girl idols in terms of looks or body.
(totally love her 'eye smile')

She can be sexy and pretty at one time. And also have lovely and innocent looks at other time.


She does not take care of her image too much and frequently shows her real personality, the tomboyish side and not so gentle type. Her frank and outgoing attitude earns her lots of friends in the industry, especially the famous "Nation's Sibiling" nickname for Hyori and Yoo Jae Suk (one of the top MC in Korea)

(I totally recommend this show, Family Outing to you guys. This is where I got to know Hyori and love her. She is hilarious in the show!)

Her hobby, mountain climbing. She often go with her best buddy to relieve stress and relax herself.

She's those type of strong girl who knows how to stand up for herself no matter the opponent is younger or elder than her.
Being in the industry for over 10 years, she remains the top female celebrity in Korea and still going strong.
My opinion, she still has a long way more since I still couldn't see anyone who can rival her.
She is the top D-I-V-A and fashion icon!!!

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